Transform into whatever creative image you would like to be for holloween

Pixie MakeupCosmetic makeup serves a completely different purpose than that of Halloween, or Costume makeup, Special effects makeup and Theatrical makeup.

The goal in cosmetic makeup is to enhance the beauty of the individual as well as hiding their imperfections. The goal in Halloween, Costume, Special effects, and Theatrical makeup is to transform the individual into the desired image required for the specific event.

This may include transforming someone into a vampire, or werewolf, creating an injury or perhaps make it appear as though a person has aged years, in the span of a play.

Regardless of which of these forms of makeup you are in need of, having professionals assist you will ensure that you have the best possible makeup application to suit your needs.

Halloween/Costume and Special Effects Makeup

Pop Art MakeupOne of the best times of year for exploring your creative side using makeup is during Halloween.

During Halloween, many of the Halloween parties often host costume contests. Who does not want to win a costume contest?

This is your chance to show people how creative you are and win something in the process.

Once you have the idea in your mind of what you want to transform yourself into, whether it is a zombie, a scary vampire, a witch, a fairy or any number of creatures or people the rest is easy, isn’t it?

Creating just the right Halloween or Costume look may seem to be simple, after all, you can purchase the makeup kits in many stores, but it is not as easy as it appears.

Mad HatterProperly creating the look you are going for requires knowledge of how to prepare the skin, then what type of makeup to use as well as how to apply it.

Although there are makeup kits for Halloween and Costumes available, purchasing one of these kits and just randomly applying it on your face will result in messy and ineffective looks.

To transform an individual properly from the regular person people see every day it would require a great deal of planning, research, and practice to get just the right look.

If you do not have the time to do all of that, just for a one-night event, why not call on the professionals, like us, who have created a variety of different Halloween and Costume looks for our clients?

Barnabas Collins

We have the knowledge, tools, and the experience to transform you into whatever creative image you would like to be.

Regardless of what your needs might be, even if it includes special effects makeup and the use of liquid latex, wax, cuts, bruises, old age makeup, we can accommodate all of your needs to transform you into the character that you desire.

Theatrical and Stage Makeup

Like Halloween and Special Effects makeup, Theatrical makeup is far different in application and the end goal, then your normal cosmetic application.

Theatrical makeup requires knowing what the desired results are to be, but also takes into consideration a number of factors that are not necessary for an everyday makeup look.

Before even applying makeup for a theatrical production, the makeup artist has to consider the location size for the production. Performing in a production on a large stage and a venue that seats hundreds of people require vastly different makeup than if the venue is smaller.

Old Age MakeupAdditional factors that must be taken into consideration when doing a Theatrical makeup application is what type of action will the character be doing, such as dancing, fighting, or singing, the theatrical lights, costume and even the different set designs all play important factors in how we, as makeup artists, apply the makeup.

The application of Theatrical makeup is a very tricky process for many people because of the number of layers it requires. Theatrical makeup is very thick to accommodate the bright stage lights that can wash it out.

Because Theatrical makeup tends to look extremely garish, many people, when doing the application personally, do not put enough layers on so when they go on stage to perform, their facial features are not as defined and accented as they need to be.

An important point to remember when having this type of makeup application done is that makeup artists, such as us, are working to make an indistinct face on a stage, appear to have features from a distance.

GeishaThis use of multiple layers of makeup is something that is specifically used in Theatrical makeup. Unlike film makeup, where you can see the facial features up close on the big screen, there is a required need to define each characters facial features in the theater.

It is the makeup and costumes that an actor or dancer wears in theatrical and other productions, which allows for the conveying of drama and other emotions.

With the proper application of Theatrical makeup, audience members will be able to see the face and facial expressions of the dancers and actors that grace the stage. This ability to see the facial expressions lends to the enhancement of the characters and the believability of the story that they are telling.

Why Professional Makeup Applications are Necessary

As you can see, there is a great deal to consider when getting Halloween, Costume, Special Effect, or Theatrical makeup applied.

Without having the proper skills, education, knowledge, and experience, any of these makeup applications could result in a disaster.

DanceAs professional makeup artists, we take into consideration all of the various factors regardless of the application you are seeking. Paying special attention to the venue in which you are performing, the costume contest you are entering, or the exclusive photo shoot you may participating in we strive to give you a look that will last through any situation.

We know how important it is that your makeup not run, touch ups not be required, the importance of clearly defined facial features when performing on stage, and how important it is that you are turned into the character you desire. No matter what the occasion we will be there to give you exactly what you are after.

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