Face Painting Parties for Kids

Face Painting Parties for Kids

Kids of all ages always gravitate towards anyone that offers face painting.

Birthday parties, fairs, or other special events you can always find a long line of kids waiting to get their faces painted.

Are you currently planning a special birthday party for one of your kids and trying to come up with a unique activity idea for the kids to keep them entertained?

Why not consider the fun an exciting activity of face painting. Call us and we will be there to add a special creative touch to your child’s special day.

What to Expect with Face Painting

Now that you have made the call and want to add face painting to your child’s birthday party there are a few things you have to know.

One of the big concerns parents have is if face painting is safe for their child and the other children in attendance at the party. The answer to that is YES.

We utilize high quality water-based face and body paint that is hypoallergenic, has been approved by the FDA and is specially designed for use on children and people with sensitive skin.

Having water-based materials means that if the paint gets on clothes or other surfaces it will be easier to remove. Cleaning the paint off the children’s faces will only require the use of a mild soap and water.

No toxic chemicals are used during the application or the removal process. Let that put your mind, as well as the other parent’s minds, at ease.

We provide all of the paints and equipment that is required to have a successful face painting session at your child’s party or special event.

Face PaintingWe bring with us a variety of face painting designs and can work with you if there is a specific customized design that you would like to match any special themes for your child’s party. Please note for customize designs we will require a week notice to prepare them to your specifications.

We also have the ability to transform any of the children in attendance into their favorite super hero or fairytale princess.

Once the children have had their face painted, their excitement will be apparent as their faces light up. They have now been transformed by the idea they wanted displayed on their face!

Another benefit to having face painting at your child’s special party or event is that you, as parents, do not have to worry about entertaining the kids.

While the children are busy using their creativity to decide the design they would like, you cannot only enjoy the party, but your child as well.

Leave the entertaining up to us, and enjoy the day with your child.

Do not miss this opportunity to add a special memory to your child’s birthday party or special event by adding a face painting session.

Kids and parents alike will thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to have their face painted with any as simple as a few stars and hearts on their faces, to something much more elaborate, like a painted mask on their face.

*Special note: Any child or individual that has any type of exposed cut, wound, or rash on their face will not be able to have their face painted. However, we will offer to place a design of their choosing on their arm so they can participate.

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