Fashion and Editorial Makeup

Gold Leaf MakupMakeup is a key factor in the fashion world and every editorial photo spread.

Photographers, directors, and designers require the proper application of makeup to create the desired look that will tell a story through the interpretation of that look.

It is important that the makeup artist understands the viewpoint of the photographer, director, or designer, and is able to bring that vision to life. This is where we come in!

With over 8 years of experience in editorial makeup, we have the necessary tools and training to help you create the look exactly as you have envisioned. We will take that vision for your runway show or photo shoot and help turn it into a reality.

Our high level of professionalism combined with our extensive education in editorial makeup will allow us to provide you with exactly what you are seeking.

Additionally, in an effort to continually expand our knowledge in editorial makeup, and provide the best services, we make sure to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and styles.

Edirorial MakeupThrough our extensive experience over the past 8 years and our yearning to continue to enhance our services as professionals, we acquired a range of makeup techniques and creativity that is endless.

We have the tools, talent, and acumen to provide services ranging from natural beauty looks, false eyelashes, blocking eyebrows, strong editorial makeup and changing the shape of the face or lips.

As professional makeup artists, we also know the importance of using only the highest quality HD products.
We will ensure that your model’s appearance is flawless, even under the harshest lights or weather conditions.

FashionAre you a model looking to expand your portfolio with new fashion and editorial photos? If you have booked your photo shoot do not forget to call us and we will make sure your makeup is perfect so that you only put your best look forward.

Whether you are the photographer, director, the model, or the fashion editor, if you are in need of experienced professional makeup artists that will provide the highest quality makeup application do not hesitate to call us.

We know how to prepare the skin, enhance facial features, and work with your needs to give you exactly what you desire, and we work quickly!

Do not leave your look or your model’s look to chance; call on us, with our years of experience, knowledge, and certification, to give you the proper makeup application.

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