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Are you and your girlfriends planning a get-together in honor of someone’s birthday? Maybe you are planning a bachelorette party. Perhaps you and your friends simply want to do something different from the standard dinner or a movie.

What could a group of women possibly do that would be not only a lot of fun, and informative, but also gives each woman in the group an opportunity to be pampered? The answer is your very own Makeover Party!


What Is a Makeover Party?

When we are talking about you and your girlfriends having a Makeover Party, this is not going to be some dull session stuck in some uncomfortable setting.

The location of the Makeover is completely up to you and your friends. That is right your group can come to our studio, or we can go to your home, apartment, or alternative location.

Imagine this scene: you pack your bags; bring your sense of adventure and your favorite cocktails if you like. Book yourself into a luxury hotel suite for either the night, or the entire weekend. Tells us where and when and we will arrive with everything you need for the perfect Makeover Party.


Before and AfterStep one in this evening of pampering you and your friends will revolve around us giving all of the women in the group some essential makeup tips all women should know.

Have a question?Feel free to ask us and we will answer to the best of our ability giving you the assistance you need.

Additionally, each member of the group will receive a complimentary information sheet that offers step-by-step instructions on how to best prepare the skin to assist in the perfect makeup application.

Each of the women in your party will also get information for day and an evening look as well as specialized tips and recommendations for their personal needs. We know that not everyone needs or wants the same exact look, so we will give each of you specialized attention.


MakeoverAfter we have offered your group a variety of makeup tips, answered any questions, and given individual makeup tips the fun does not stop! That is right, what is a Makeover party without the actual Makeover!

Each of the women that are attending this one of a kind party will then be given a Makeover! We will pay special attention to the individual needs of each one of you ladies.

We will enhance your best features and give you a flawless look that will make it look as if you just walked off the runway.

Say goodbye to the typical makeup look you have and enjoy this special pampering session you will get from us, your personal makeup artist for the night.

Once everyone has received their makeover and you have finished snapping pictures to remember this party by, why not continue the evening by going out?

You’ve gotten a variety of helpful hints and tips, we have personally seen to it that each of you looks simply ravishing, take this time to go out and flaunt it! Go hit that club, bar, or simply go out to dinner and show off your gorgeous new look!

If you are interested in a one of a kind experience then try one of our Makeup Parties, and we will be there to pamper you and give you a makeover you will not soon forget!

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