Makeup Private Lesson

Makeup Private Lessons

Have you ever been flipping through one of your favorite fashion magazines and seen a look on a model you would love to recreate yourself?
Surfing the web you see photographs of a variety of celebrities from music and movies and think to yourself, “How does she get that look?”
Maybe you are simply too afraid to experiment and try something new and different from your normal day-to-day look?

No matter what your reason is, if you want to experiment with a look you have seen in magazines, online, television, or the movies, or just feel like you need to update your look but don’t know how, we can help!

What a private lesson offers

Throughout the course of our private makeup lesson, you will acquire a great deal of information, tips, and tricks on how to achieve not one, but two different looks. We will show you how to achieve a soft day look that can be worn every day and we will also provide you with a glamorous night look for those special nights out.

We will customize each of these looks to compliment your unique facial features and complexion. In addition to the two specific looks, you will learn some basic skills and tips as we go through the step-by-step application process.

The basic skills that you learn combined with the two looks will help you to achieve any look that you desire.

Makeup Lesson ChicagoAdditionally, we will help you determine the proper foundation that will match your skin tone and the colors that look best on you. We will look at the current trends in makeup and see which of them will flatter or enhance your appearance the most.

To help you with remembering all of the information and tips, we will prepare a personalized face chart for you, for each of your looks. We will provide you with a list of all the colors and products that were used.

The combination of the face charts and the list of products will allow you to be able to reproduce these looks on your own whenever you wish.

The last portion of the makeup lesson will revolve around the products you own.
We will go through all of your makeup to determine which products and colors are the most beneficial to you. We will also evaluate the brushes you own to ensure they are the proper tools needed for the best makeup applications.

At the end of our private lesson, you will walk away with all of the information, skills, and confidence needed to enhance your natural beauty.

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