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Makeup services for you and your wedding party so everyone looks their best on your wedding day.

Who can deny that the wedding day is probably the most special day in the life of a woman? Naturally, she wants to look her very best and dazzle everybody with her beauty and brilliance. Given the enormity of the event, preparation for everything begins months in advance, but one thing that tends to be […]

Dazzle everyone on your prom night, engagement party, graduation or ANY other special event

Do you do your own makeup? Most average women do, it saves time, money, hassles, and you can give yourself exactly the look you are going for on a daily basis. Regardless of where you are going, be it work, school, or even the grocery store when you sit down before your mirror to apply […]

This is a step by step hands-on makeup lesson where you’ll learn how to achieve flawless looks.

This is a step by step hands-on makeup lesson where you’ll learn all you need to know about how to achieve flawless long-lasting looks to suit your lifestyle. Have you ever been flipping through one of your favorite fashion magazines and seen a look on a model you would love to recreate yourself? Surfing the […]

We have the tools and creativity to bring your vision into life for your next editorial photo spread or runway show!

Makeup is a key factor in the fashion world and every editorial photo spread. Photographers, directors, and designers require the proper application of makeup to create the desired look that will tell a story through the interpretation of that look. It is important that the makeup artist understands the viewpoint of the photographer, director, or […]

Transform into whatever creative image you would like to be for holloween

Cosmetic makeup serves a completely different purpose than that of Halloween, or Costume makeup, Special effects makeup and Theatrical makeup. The goal in cosmetic makeup is to enhance the beauty of the individual as well as hiding their imperfections. The goal in Halloween, Costume, Special effects, and Theatrical makeup is to transform the individual into […]

Makeup must for winter: 2016

While most women go right after lipsticks or chase over foundations, my personal beauty obsession has got to be products for my face and specifically cheeks: blushes, bronzers, creams, powders, highlighters and shimmers, I love them all. …I think blush as well as shimmers have the ability to totally overhaul any look and bring your […]