Top 10 Best Blush Dupes

While most women go right after lipsticks or chase over foundations, my personal beauty obsession has got to be products for my face and specifically cheeks: blushes, bronzers, creams, powders, highlighters and shimmers, I love them all. …I think blush as well as shimmers have the ability to totally overhaul any look and bring your skin and features to be even brighter. The perfect shade of blush will bring out the best in your style and conceal any imperfections and, even if you don’t have a scrap of any other product on, it will bring your skin to a healthier state than before…

I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t think about you at all.

– Coco Chanel

I’m the first to admit I get a bit head over heels  (just a little…) when I find an amazing dupe for a top notch beauty product. If it’s a good dupe it will look inseparably alike to the original and will have everyone asking, “SKT, is that Chanel?” I’ve gathered a collection of such best in quality “good clones” so you can have charmingly flushed and glowing cheeks for a fraction of the price (shh – keep it quiet, hush hush!):

1. NARS Deep Throat

This is the Emperor of the blusher world, NARS Deep Throat is possibly the most beloved blusher of all women anywhere, whatsoever. Deep Throat is a unqiue powder formula, peachy pink blush with a mild gold shimmer and does magic to lift pale complexions.

Dupe: e.l.f. Tickled Pink. ELF always make brilliant dupes of high-end items and this is the best Deep Throat alternative, “THE” budget buy I have found. Tickled Pink is on the pinker half of peach with less shimmer and a more matte-like texturing.

2. MAC Full Fuschia

This blush is blues as the skies, pigmented as a nightsky, bright fuchsia that is a legit competition. The color is as aweamazingly (yes, that good I had to joint two adjectives to describe it) swatched as it is in the pan and leaves a little iridescence.

Dupe: Smashbox Radiance. This lovely little attempt on a copy is a tiny bit lighter than the original Full Fuchsia and applies slightly sheerer. It also has a bit smaller range of sheen than Full Fuchsia and is a subtler, lighter, more organic option.

3. Benefit Coralista

A silky, brighty peachy coral with strokes of gold and a slight freezy look that’s universally complimenting. Build up in thin layers to get the optimum rosy look.

Dupe: Rimmel Pink Sorbet – This Rimmel alternative is a matte, tone in pinker than Benefit counterpart’s set, with a soft fuchsia soft lighting, buttery and easy on blending – super dupe.

4. Chanel Reflex

This Chanel product is a oh-my-god-so-good baked peach blush with a marbleesque finish. With gold shot spread evenly it doubles up as a great highlighter and gives an impressive glow to your face.

Dupe: ELF Candid Coral – Finely mixed up with a slightly less spread hue, Candid Coral is a light shade of a coral color with a golden sheen to it which is less goldy than the original product Reflex. They copied that feature so good, that it gives Chanel a run for its market!